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Remembering Our Beautiful Queen, Harley ❤️

  Flashback: Our Beautiful FiveSibes alpha queen "Harley" ~ October 2018   Time is indeed surreal. One year ago, on September 13th, on a beautiful sunny pre-Autumn day, our beautiful beloved Nanuk "Harley" Mari, our FiveSibes alpha queen, earned her furangel wings at home, in her favorite place--in our yard out on our deck, with her hu-family and fur family beside her.    Our family's first Siberian Husky, my daughter's beloved dog, Harley was an absolutely amazing girl. She knew just how beautiful she was, too! Super smart, she ruled the Husky roost at our house! Harley was full of sass and spunk, and could chase her tail until the sun set! She loved Fetch! and never wanted us to stop playing! She accepted every Husky we added to our family after her, becoming Gibson's true love (oh, was he ever smitten with her!), and a wonderful "momma" to the three pupsters Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit when we brought them home.    This beauty queen could at t