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Lumps, Bumps & Growths: Are They Normal? Maybe. But, Always Have Them Checked.

Gibson and his gal Harley After a couple recent scares, I wanted to discuss lumps, bumps, and growths on a dog's skin. Recently, both Gibson and Wolf have required attention for growths.  Gibson  has had one on his right knee for almost two years. It started off as a simple skin tag. Normal color. Nothing alarming, other than I don't like bumps on my furbabies.  *There are some photos in this post that are a bit unpleasant.* Skin tag turned weird growth. But knowing dogs, like humans, can get these "tags" as they get older. I constantly monitored it and had my vet team monitor it, and we covered it when he received laser treatments. ( Laser treatments are amazing for healing wounds, arthritis, etc., but not for growths because while it works on a cellular level and is just amazing for healing, the flip side is it can stimulate growths, tumors, etc. to grow. It's always important to discuss and review your dog's case with your vet prior to star