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It's Tuesday, that Means it's Time for the "Canine Cooking Corner!"

Chloe is ready to whip up some delectable fixin's...and do some of her own taste testing! Happy almost Thanksgiving and welcome to the second installment of our "Canine Cooking Corner" Tuesday Blog Hop! Thank you to those who joined our inaugural recipe hop last week and also to those who wrote saying they will be hopping along in the future. We can't wait for you to join us! This week, the FiveSibes would like to share another of their favorite dishes, just in time for Thanksgiving--Ground Chicken Pumpkin Feast. And when this is whipped up for them, they get right down to the business of eating! We hope you'll enjoy this little video highlighting the low-fat, high fiber (nap-inducing) recipe! Here is the printed recipe in case the computer resolution is not clear enough:  We look forward to seeing what types of goodies you have planned for this week! Last week, Peggy's Place came by and Debbie Does Coupons featured our debut on her blog! Very cool