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Got Ice?

So the temps have soared back up into the 90s with some days having the humidity level at a sticky and unbearing 90-something percent. So what's a Husky to do? Our five kids snoozed a lot indoors, tore up some stuffies, engaged in some indoor zoomies, snoozed some more, and drank a lot of water we would fill with crushed ice. They love the ice and always get excited when they hear the dispenser and see us getting the ice. Apparently, they don't always want to wait for it...I was sitting in the living watching some TV, when I heard the refrigerator's ice dispenser. I thought it was my daughter getting some ice cubes for a drink, but then when she didn't answer me, I realized it could only be one of five others in the of the Sibe kids! I snuck into the kitchen with my camera, and sure enough, I caught Wolf helping himself to some ice cubes! So, just how smart are Huskies? Very! Blog Hop Host