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Remembering Bandit on Her First Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

  It's hard to believe our beloved,  beautiful crazy, nutty, kissing Bandit ("Bee") has been gone a year now. Our strong alpha-wannabe (not under Harley's rule!) and the bossy sibling of the Pupsters (Bandit, Chloe, and Wolf), is no longer here, and now it's just been Wolfie, the lone Husky of my #FiveSibes pack.   Bee was a character. If there was Siberian Husky mischief to be had, Bee would be the one leading the charge! Small prey beware! She was also silly. Things Bandit did just made me either smile or call out, "BanDIT!"   If there were toys out for all five of the Huskies, somehow Bandit wound up with all of them under her. I always commented how her name fit her to a "B!"   When the zoomies came on, she would--in true Husky fashion--channel her ancestors and run like the wind! Underneath her crazy, silly, beautiful exterior was a sweet, sweet dog. There wasn't a human she met that she didn't kiss! A true "kissing Bandit!&qu