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Snow! And Gibson's Last Daily Epi-Tip of the Month as We Wrap Up National (K9) Epilepsy Awareness Month

"Woo! It's came!"  "Woo...This is MY kind of weather!" "Sniff-sniff...I love the smell!"   "'s so cold on my paws...!"   "Snow! Do woo think we'll get more soon?" Ahhh...the four letter word that creates pure excite for Siberian Huskies - S-N-O-W!!! Wolf Update : He is starting to put some more weight on his leg...and his fur is growing back so his leg is all fuzzy! We still have six more weeks of rehabbing, but each day he gets a bit more stronger! Thanks again for all your good wishes and woos! * * * * * And here's Gib with our 30th Epi-Tip!   While today marks the last day of November and National Epilepsy Awareness Month, and our last daily Epi-Tip, we hope every day is an awareness day for Canine Epilepsy. We thank you for joining us in our "Live Gib Strong" K-9 Epilepsy Awareness Campaign. Spread the word that not only can Epi-dogs