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Visit From the Vet Mobile!

  "Woo! Oh, Hu-Mom, the vet just pulled up!"   Pretty cool that the vet office is on wheels, right?!  Dr. Lisa with Wolf and his favorite little human!   This week's #Flashback photo is from just last week!   When we relocated, I was so worried about finding a vet I could trust as much as my FiveSibes longtime lead vets. I did a lot of homework before we moved, and was lucky enough to find Dr. Lisa and her mobile vet office! My senior boy, Wolfie, as many of you know, has anxiety issues. My previous vet always came to our house for our FiveSibes, which was great! When we moved, I was so worried, that I did my research and actually found Dr. Lisa and had Wolf and Bandit all set up as patients before I even had my family set up with new doctors!  What is so cool now is that Wolfie gets his check-up right on the mobile office truck in my driveway. And what is so super is that me and my grandson can come right on in and stay with Wolfie during the vist. Dr. Lisa even let my g