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A Sweet Sibe's Shadow Shot Sunday

  For this week's Shadow Shot Sunday, I photographed sweet Chloe patiently waiting for some treats by the soft glow of the back porch light! For some other cool Shadow Shots from fellow photographers and bloggers across the globe, check out Hey Harriet's site every Sunday! NEW BLOG FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT :  If you know of a school that has the  Siberian Husky for their mascot, then I want to know! Send me an Email at FiveSibes(at)gmail(dot)com with the name of the school and where it is, and some quality JPEG photos of the Husky mascot, artwork, bumper stickers, logos, anything that shows the Siberian Husky school spirit, and I'll make a nice slideshow highlighting that school for one of my blog entries!   Due to permission issues, please DO NOT send any photos that include students or their names - just photos of artwork or mascot images. Please be sure to obtain permission from the school  or district.  Thank you! GO TEAM HUSKY!