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Bringing Home the Tree on a Huskies Sleigh on a FiveSibes Christmas Flashback Friday!

 The Hills Bringing Home the Christmas Tree, 2018! Photo used with permission. In our FiveSibes Family Christmas tradition, the holiday season lasts until what we refer to as "Little Christmas," or January 6th (which also happens to be my furangel Gibson's birth date, how special is that?)! So, for today's last 2018 seasonal Flashback Friday post, I'm sharing a lovely "Bringing Home the Tree" photo above from fellow Husky momma, Karen Hill from Minnesota. To me, the is the absolute perfect way to bring home the tree...on a Huskies-drawn sleigh! Woo! "We didn't realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun."  ~Winnie the Pooh Now with five Siberian Huskies, you'd think we'd have hooked them up once or twice to a sled, but no, my Huskies are citified! Two of them would prefer to ride on the sled, rather than pull one! The closest I've come to a "sled dog" is when we staged a photo tha