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Flashback Friday #9: A Bandit Steals Our Heart

Our  Baby Bandit, our "Thunder Paws" and "Crazy Girl" - she can run like the wind, fly through the air with the greatest of speed, and never pay attention to the humans she bruises when she lands! Her happy place is wherever a hand is to give her a belly rub, or a face she can kiss! She is most definitely a contrast in personalities! Unbeknownst to us at the time, her monicker would be a perfect fit. She was named due to her mask markings resembling a bandit's mask, but she grew up to be a real thief! Bandit loves to steal all the toys, bones, stuffies, and beds that belong to the other Sibe kids. She will pile them all under her and guard them. If she's in a chair, she'll grumble at any Sibe who walks by her "territory." Yet, she will instantly roll over for a belly rub from the hu-family. Bandit is not big on sharing, but she is - and has been since a pup - the most patient one of the pack. When asked to sit, she will immediately and then