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The Amazing Working Dog: Highlighting Heroic, Historic & Helpful Canines

    Meet these 6 amazing Therapy Dogs—Mishka, Icy, Bellin, Ruby, Gibbs, and Chili—a little further down in my video slideshow! This article was a proud Finalist...   A Special DWAA Award Presented by: D ogs are truly amazing. Their capabilities are far-reaching. They can be a wonderful best friend, companion, and family dog to being a competing sports dog, and they can also be working dogs in a variety of much-needed fields from Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Alert Dogs, Search and Rescue, Military War/Working Dogs, Police Dogs, Fire Dogs, Security Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Reading Dogs, Facility Dogs, and so much more.   " If a dog is a man's best friend, then a working dog is a man’s best helper." ~ Heather Ross, Many people are aware that the Siberian Husky and their cousin the Alaskan Malamute are working dogs, however, they have historically been excellent heroic dogs serving the military, helping children with grieving and reading, comforting the s