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Rock n' Woo With the FiveSibes in a New Music Video and Happy Birthday to "The Dog Singer!"

Woo! What's Harley so happy about? We have some very exciting news to share, that's why! The FiveSibes are starring in a music video! Wooo! We are big music fans in this house, and our FiveSibes are truly "a little bit country,"and a whole lot of Rock n' Woo! Even when they were puppies, music is how they settled down in their kennels to sleep. When they had their own room, and no radio was in it, I'd put on the television and they each loved something different. Gibson and Harley loved anything with singing, so a musical movie or show captivated them. Chloe and Bandit loved watching cartoons with all the animation and singing characters. And Wolf had to have hard rock music...AC/DC songs could lull his puppy self right to sleep! They grew up with my daughter jamming on her guitar, tinkling the ivories, and beating out a song on the drums.  The former rock band manager in me was in Heaven! Music filled our house, our ears, and our souls...and still rema