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Halloween was a Howling Good Time!

As you can tell, Halloween in the FiveSibe household really is some howling good fun! We are going to close out this frightfully good day with a video of the Sibes' (well, four out of the five) doing what they do best, followed by some pics of them enjoying their treats, and then finally, one of our jack-o-lanterns featuring a running Husky (stencil compliments of Tales of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue !) We hope all Huskies, canines, pets, and Hu-family members had a great Howl-oween!          Treats!!! Chloe digs right in... No, Gibson and Chloe, (the hungry mungries of the pack) it's not food... Bandit doing what she does best...stealing... Chloe, after giving up on eating it, gets all cozy with the stuffed jack-o-lantern... Wolf happily guarding his pumpkin so his sis, Bandit, doesn't steal it too... Gibson, still trying to eat his. No, Gib, not pumpkin like what's in your dinner! Harley doing what she does best...regally portrayin

It's "Monster Mash" Time! Happy Howl-o-ween!

Fire Safety Month: We Joined the "Bark 10-4" Campaign

October is National Fire Safety Month and along with all the firefighters and fire trucks that have been rolling out to community schools to teach children about fire awareness and safety, it’s also a good time to think about fire emergencies for our pets.  Launched this month is “ Bark10-4 ,” whose goal it is to help fire departments nationwide obtain the much needed pet oxygen mask.  Pictured here, Harley our blog “fire dog” model, is all dressed and ready to assist in spreading the word about pet oxygen masks. According to Bark10-4, “ More than 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year; and over 40,000 pets each year die of smoke asphyxiation.”    Let’s try to lower those numbers. To do so, I’d like to expand upon the topic of pet CPR that I touched on several blogs back. Let’s run through this I-hope-it-never-happens scenario: There is a fire emergency and your pet is overcome by smoke inhalation. You’ve performed CPR and the fire department has arrived. Here is the big questi

Here's to a Happy, Howling, Husky Halloween!

We hope you enjoyed the FiveSibes' little slideshow to launch us into the spirit of Halloween and all the "tricks or treats" this weekend will bring. While this is a fun time of year, here are just a few safety reminders to ensure that all of our pets remain happy and healthy during the Halloween season:   Keep chocolate and all Halloween candy away from where dogs can reach them. So many of these “treats” are toxic to canines.    Be careful of toy treats as they could become choking hazards.   If you dress up your pet in a costume, keep the pet where you can see him/her at all times. Costumes can catch and hurt your pet’s limbs, and some fabrics that tie around the neck can also get caught on something or tighten, thereby choking the pet.   When the trick-or-treaters come ringing your doorbell, keep your dogs safe by keeping them in another room to avoid anxiety, as well as minimizing the possibility of their escaping out the front door.   Be sure to have your can

Wordless Wednesday's Wacky Wildness


A Soldier and His Dog Hike for Heroes

  Wolf cheers, "Go Emmie & Troy! " With his dog "Emmie" by his side, Troy Yocum, an Iraq War Veteran, is hiking 7,000 miles across America banging his drum as part of Hike for Heroes in an effort to raise $5 million to help military families in need.   Troy and Emmie, the FiveSibes and their Hu-family proudly support you and applaud you in your efforts for this great cause! You definitely do not walk alone! We are with you each and every step of the way!   Please watch the following video to see his hike.  

A Warm Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!


Spooky Sibe Shadow Shot Sunday

 Some spooky, shadowy, and fun Halloween sightings during  our afternoon walk! Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Be Smart Ride Safe® Take the Pledge - We Did! Blog for the Change for Animals!

The FiveSibes buckle-up; do you? Going for a ride is one of their favorite things to do. They get so excited as soon as they they hear their leashes or the words "car ride." They each have their own favorite way of riding, some with their nose stuck out the window, sometimes with their head lying on the console to feel the a/c, or just sitting perfectly still gazing out the window. Whichever way they prefer is totally up to them...and belting them in is totally up to me.  Since it is National Animal Protection & Safety Month, and today is also Blog the Change for Animals (BtC), it's also the perfect time to talk about the Be Smart Ride Safe® campaign. Have you taken the pledge? I sure have! I am an avid supporter of buckling up when in a vehicle - both Hu and Sibe family members alike. I have for several years now used a safety belt on each of my Sibes. We have used both types of restraints, the harness style and the seatbelt style. The latter is my preference as

A Weird Wordless Wednesday Walk with Wolf


Howl-a-ween Costumes: Safety Tips for Our Pets

Our alpha gal, Harley, is getting into the spirit of the spooky season. She loves all the glowing orange jack-o-lanterns and festive decorations around the house; especially the lighted ceramic black cat…to which she tips her head in curiosity as I “meow”…yes, I really did. I almost lost that ceramic cat to a ready-to-pounce Sibe, so I won’t be replaying that joke again! Since it is that spooktacular time of the year, which just happens to coincide with National Animal Protection & Safety month (see my earlier blog entry), I’d like to take a few moments to discuss Halloween Safety Tips for Pets . Please keep these in mind, whether you do a dress rehearsal of your canine character now for some photo ops, or on Halloween day/night, that while dressing up furbabies can be fun and entertaining for some Hu-family members, it could be dangerous for the animals. Here are some pet Halloween costume tips to help keep the festivities safe: Never, ever leave pets dressed in costumes alone.

Wordless Wednesday...A Sibe Scene Take 1

The Scene: Early evening on a cool Autumn "Wordless Wednesday." Pan in for a tight shot of two sister Sibes. Chloe  (whisper tone)  "How long do we have to be quiet???" Bandit  (whisper tone) "Shhhhhh. All day. It's 'Wordless Wednesday.' So don't let the Hu-Mom hear you!" Chloe & Bandit (impatiently sigh in unison) Chloe (waiting a beat)  Woooooo, is it Thursday yet???

Blessings of the Pet

Many pet owners worldwide welcome October 4 with open arms for it is the feast day for St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and many churches worldwide will be holding  “The Blessing of the Pets”  ceremonies. Regardless of individual religious convictions, St. Francis’ message is a unique one that all loving pet owners share, that it is the “…duty of men to protect and enjoy nature....” for which all animals are part of. One of the more famous tales is the “Wolf of Gubbio” story where in this small town, St. Francis was told about the existence of a vicious wolf that lived in Gubbio’s countryside. All efforts on the part of the townsfolk failed to capture or chase the wolf away. It is told that St. Francis went out to seek the wolf, carrying no weapon or threatening attitude. He found the wolf and spoke to him to repent for all the harm he had done.The wolf then lay at St. Francis’ feet. He then led the wolf back into town to the startled people and an agreement was rea

Rain, Rain Go Away! This Sibe Wants to Play!

The rains and stormy weather have finally passed by and the cooler Sibe season is here (hopefully to stay!) Gibson had a nice outing, sans the rest of the pack; all part of his "health regimen" to loose a few pounds (but shhhh, don't tell him that! He thinks we're just going on a fun walk!) So here in honor of Friday, the kick-off to the weekend, is my boy enjoying the cooler air and his solo walk with his Hu-Mom! Happy Friday to all!!!