Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fire Safety Month: We Joined the "Bark 10-4" Campaign

October is National Fire Safety Month and along with all the firefighters and fire trucks that have been rolling out to community schools to teach children about fire awareness and safety, it’s also a good time to think about fire emergencies for our pets. 
Launched this month is “Bark10-4,” whose goal it is to help fire departments nationwide obtain the much needed pet oxygen mask. 

Pictured here, Harley our blog “fire dog” model, is all dressed and ready to assist in spreading the word about pet oxygen masks. According to Bark10-4, “More than 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year; and over 40,000 pets each year die of smoke asphyxiation.” 
Let’s try to lower those numbers. To do so, I’d like to expand upon the topic of pet CPR that I touched on several blogs back. Let’s run through this I-hope-it-never-happens scenario: There is a fire emergency and your pet is overcome by smoke inhalation. You’ve performed CPR and the fire department has arrived. Here is the big question…do they have a pet oxygen mask? 

If “I’m not sure” is your answer, then why not give them a call and find out. If they don’t have one, ask if they would welcome a donation of one for each truck in the department. Then, through either a personal donation or gather some community pet owners and businesses together to raise funds to purchase the pet oxygen masks and donate them so that every fire truck in your community is equipped with one. We did, and discovered that while a neighboring town does have the masks, our own city fire department does not. I am currently joining with my husband's area business to change that for the better, and will post photos at a later date.

So check in with local fire departments – paid and volunteer – to see if they have a need for the pet masks. The pet’s life you safe could be your neighbor’s or even your very own.

For more info on masks, visit the following sites:

 PetMask is a not-for-profit site "created in 2008 by a then 10-year-old girl named  Monica to raise money to purchase special Pet Rescue & Resuscitation Oxygen Masks to be donated."
PetsAmerica is a non-profit organization "that saves the lives of pets and the people who love them" by providing educational programs about emergency preparedness and resources for disaster response."


  1. Guess you never really think about them needing pet mask in a fire. Good idea!

  2. Great post. Mom says she is going to check with our fire department. We hope they have more than one.

    Happy Halloween.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara.

  3. What a pawsome post! So informative, and something that I don't think is thought about, or talked about too often. Thank you for spreading the very important information. We will definitely look into this.

    Harley sure is a handsome fire dog!


  4. Lot of Great info here, curious about our Fire Dept too because this is the first time I heard of this. Our first dog in my marriage was Willow a Wooly Siberian, She was such a beautiful girl. We still have her son Buck but he is a product of one of her famous escape acts. No idea of the breed Buck's father is but he is just Beautiful. Thanks for joining our blog and Twitter, we joined yours too. You have a Gorgeous Pack, lots of love there! Happy Howlaween from Erin and Mom

  5. Once again a great post with pet safety info! We didn't even know they made pet oxygen masks!

    Holly and Khady

  6. Fantastic post... I will be sharing this info!

  7. What a great idea! To be honest, we didn't even know they made a pet oxygen mask. we'll definitely have to find out if any of the towns here are equipped. thanks fur a great post!

    jack & moo

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this important idea!!!! I will definitely be writing on this topic too....

    And Jenks wanted to thank you for stopping by to admire his Halloween picture.....and to invite you to stop often!

  9. Hiya All! Thanks fur visitin us! You all look like such a wonderful bunch! Our crazy lady's brother has a sibe! She is super sweet and she just loves when da crazy lady visits, cause she gets treats!

    This is a wonderful post! Most people do not know about the masks, it is a wonderful thing fursure!

    Da Critters