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Thanksgiving Wishes to All, Feeling Grateful, and #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tips

We're "Not-Quite-Wordless" Wednesday here today. I want to take this opportunity, on the Eve of Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, to thank you all again for your kind words, prayers, and support as my family grieves the loss of my amazing Mom, the FiveSibes Hu-Nanny. I have been blessed to have had such a wonderful mother and role model in my life. For her, I am so grateful.  There is such a void in our lives, and the first of the holidays is upon us and my daughter and I are struggling to find a new "normal" without her, our "third Muskateer." I just can't imagine it. But, Mom would want us to count our blessings, and we are so blessed to have our family, furkids, friends, and all of our FiveSibes pals in our lives. For that, I am grateful. Tonight's Thanksgiving Full "Beaver" Moon What a wonderful and compassionate community this truly is and I'm proud to be part of it. All of us here at FiveSibes wish each and eve