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Go, Go Power Yogurt!

As much as my Sibes love ice cream, they give equal love to yogurt. An occasional treat, they love it by spoon, right out of the carton, or yogurt chips melted as a bone dip, then set to dry for a nice safe "sweet" treat. On our vet's advice, Activia brand yogurt is also good for them as it helps to maintain healthy digestion and keep our furry "kids" regular. But mostly, it is a yummy treat for both the Sibes and their Hu-Mom. Our alpha queen takes the first taste while her pack minions await her OK to join in. Eagerly, all FiveSibes enjoy some tongue licking, snout-smacking yumminess! And then they ask for seconds... ...and thirds... ...and, uh-oh...the queen looks up as if to say, "Whaaat?" What do you mean there's no more???!" Mmmmm....this Hu-Mom is heading to the fridge to get a container for herself. But, shhhhh, don't tell the Sibes!