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Goodbye 2023~Hello 2024

  "Any new beginning is forged from the shards of the past, not from the abandonment of the past."   ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough     This quote fits perfectly with how life goes...with all of my FiveSibes now furangels, they may physically be gone, but always and forever a part of me. This photo of our FiveSibes getting ready for the bone to drop on a previous New Year's Eve from more than a decade ago now still cracks me up. As you can see from their facial expressions, the celebratory headwear was not really appreciated! BOL! But my fab Five still posed for their momma!     Above, this pic of my beloved Gibson, in what was to be his last New Year's photo, is one of my favorite New Year's ones and always will be with his sweet, gentle, handsome, kissable face. 💜's a new year, a fresh page to write and create memories to be cherished down the road...while always keeping those we lost close in our hearts.   Here's to a Healthy, Seizure-Free, Let