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Remembering Our #FiveSibes Pupsters on Their 14th Birthday

Oh, my dear beautiful Pupsters. How I miss you three. Thinking of you all on your 14th Birthday. This is a day that was always filled with fun, anticipation, and lots of Husky hijinks as it is the birthdate of our FiveSibes Pupsters Chloe, Wolfie, and Bandit. Today, my pups would have turned 14. I expected to be celebrating with our last pup of the pack, my sweet boy Wolfie and remembering his sisters Chloe and Bandit...but, as you probably know by now, that was not to be. I had to help my boy journey across the Rainbow Bridge on December 4th due to worsening age-related health issues . I even have a few bags of special treats sitting here I have not had the heart to give away yet. I was in the process of ordering him some of his favorite Sassy's goodies as well.   Yup. Bandit was indeed the bandit of the pack!   Wolfie was never much into toys, not like Bandit! That girl loved to live up to her moniker by stealing all of the other Sibes' toys and laying on them! Losing her sud