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Gift Guide: (Toy) Huskies to Buy for the Howlidays!

Woo! It's the holiday season! And what's Christmas or a winter holiday without toys? I have often been asked here at FiveSibes about my collection of Siberian Husky stuffies over the years...and if you're a Husky-loving family, I bet you have at least a few stuffed Husky toys around the house for your own kiddos and grandkiddos, maybe kids you babysit for, and I know you have some, too! (I sure do!)  We've all seen the recent news reports that we need to shop early due to insane delivery delays, and there are even Black Friday sales going on all the time now, so now is the time to think holiday gifts. Plus, I know my grandkids (and adults!) are making up their holiday wish lists as I type this; so for all my Husky-loving followers, how about a cute Siberian Husky stuffie toy for that special someone or somedog on your list? (Shelter dogs love presents, too! While most of these are for human gift-giving, do see our special Dog Husky Gifts section below for some lucky