Gift Guide: (Toy) Huskies to Buy for the Howlidays!

Woo! It's almost the holiday season! And what's Christmas or a winter holiday without toys? I have often been asked here at FiveSibes about my collection of Siberian Husky stuffies over the years...and if you're a Husky-loving family, I bet you have at least a few stuffed Husky toys around the house for your own Sibes, your kiddos and grandkiddos, maybe kids you babysit for, and I know you have some, too! (I sure do!) 

We've all seen the recent news reports that we need to shop early due to insane delivery delays, and there are even Black Friday sales going on now, so now is the time to think holiday gifts. Plus, I know my grandkids (and adults!) are making up their holiday wish lists as I type this, so for all my Husky-loving followers, how about a cute Siberian Husky stuffie toy for that special someone or somedog on your list? (Shelter dogs love presents, too!)

The stuffie Wolfie is posing with above is the Ty Classic Timber Wolf and is not available through Amazon. This was my daughter's as a child!

Woo! Huskies like our Harley love stuffie Huskies!

Are you ready to go shopping?! 

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Here's our FiveSibes pick, and, yes, I have these in my own collection. With so many to choose from, how could I resist?!  

 Of course I'll start off with a white stuffie that reminds me of my boy Wolf! This was mine...until my grandson asked for it! 



 Check out this adorable 10" Husky Dogs Plush
 Husky Stuffed Animal Toy for the Husky 
lover on your list!




 How about a fun 12" LED musical stuffed
 Husky that lights up and sings?!




I bought this one for a gift...and kept it! BOL! It's a light up soft Stuffed Husky Puppy Toy with Magic LED Night Lights (no singing!)


For a fun, a little crazy (like a Husky!) 
Rock & Roll Musical Animated Husky!


This 12" cutie is a fave in my Husky collection! 



Another in my collection that is so cute!
And who doesn't like an Aurora stuffie?

We love the FAO Schwarz Husky! We bought ours in 
New York City at the the store!
(Oh, yes, that Elf is here! So be good, he reports back to Santa Paws)!


The Bearington "Manouk" is a wide-eyed 
cutie Husky stuffie!

And a fave here, the FiveSibes Bandit 
look-a-like 8" Santa Husky Stuffie!

Looks just like a mini Bandit! (Which is why hu-mom bought it)!



Ever hear of the Glitter Girl dolls? I just bought one for my granddaughter for Christmas and HAD to get her the Glitter Girl "Alaska" Husky! So cute! 

This is my Gibbie look-a-like! I love this fluffy one. It's out of stock quite a bit, but worth checking in on.

We hope you had fun shopping with us!


 Looking for other great holiday gift ideas?

Check out our...





 Shop our award-winning 


(a portion is donated to K9 Epilepsy nonprofits & Husky rescue)






  1. That's a whole lot of holiday cuteness!

  2. Oh gosh, what adorable toys! With Elsa's jaws of death, I'd be afraid to share something that cute with her. 😊

  3. What Brian said.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Wolfie. ♥


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