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Newsy Tuesday: FiveSibes Book Nook Review of It's A "Sled" Dogs Life by Connie Creighton

    It's A "Sled" Dogs Life Books Written by Connie Creighton Illustrated by Ashley Wolfe  "You had me at woof." ~Connie Creighton, It's A "Sled" Dogs Life   As an author, blogger, and photojournalist, it's safe to say I love books! I love writing and reading and reviewing them! I'm excited today to bring another edition of our FiveSibes Newsy Tuesday Book Nook Review! Today, I'm reviewing two editions of author Connie Creighton's It's A "Sled" Dogs Life - Summer ~Best Friends~ and Spring~Birthdays! Connie herself was a musher, working 35 years in a career working with the "beautiful, intelligent sled dogs." Her experience comes through in the caring way the stories are told.   While my past wonderful book review Husky helpers have now all earned their furangel wings, I'm having a little FiveSibes representative buddy help me out in their stead. And, if you love Husky sure to see below in