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Rub-a-dub-dub, one-Husky-in-the-tub!

We have begun the official spring bath days, full-well knowing that the rainy season has arrived in this area. But, we have to start somewhere, right? So, Gibson was the first candidate. We are very fortunate that we have a terrific groomer. He used to work for our vet and that is how he was recommended to us. We previously took our Sibes to get their grooming done out-of-house, but with our groomer—ready for this??? He does house calls – how cool is that??? He knows my “kids” and just how to handle each one. With Gib, we always keep an extra eye on him afterwards to be sure the excitement and stress of a bath doesn’t bring on any seizures. Gibson is my epileptic (diagnosed a year ago) and he currently weighs in at 107 pounds. (I think that may be some sort of world record weight for a Siberian Husky.)  His seizures are controlled by meds, and since then, he has gained 13 pounds. I have placed him on a special diet, and our vet has given him a thumbs-up as being healthy and muscular, b