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It's Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Wooo! Friday, June 21st is the 15th anniversary of Take Your Dog to Work Day! Now, the FiveSibes are among the "working breed" dogs...but they like to do lots of things besides sledding...they are: Official Taste Testers of all thing snacks,  Quality Control Officers for testing toys,  Professional Snoozers and Lickers,  Assistant Editors for my book projects (Bandit, pictured here, really likes those red pens for chewing, I mean editing!),  TV Specialists (they prefer Animal Planet),  Water Quality Testers (they check out the pool water for temperature and fun-ability), and Linguistics Experts, having perfected the Husky "woo!" They also love to take turns spending time with us in our home office, provided we have a good supply of treats, toys, and oh, yes, a comfy bed! "Woo, Gib, how do you spell Epilepsy?" Pictured here, Bandit has joined Gibson as part of my editorial team. She is proofing lots of stories sent in for my latest book

Joining The Fight Like A Frenchie For Benny

We are joining Blogville in sending furpal Benny of Two French Bulldogs lots of woos and wishes to stay strong, be healthy, and  "Fight Like A Frenchie" against his diagnosed liver cancer. We are so sorry to hear he is battling this monster and join with other Bloggers in supporting him and sending him, Lily, and their Hu-Mom our heartfelt prayers and power of the paw and forming a Pawcircle of Hope and Healing. Stay strong, Benny. We love you! Thanks to Jazzi's Hu-Mom for sharing  this cool image! To donate toward Benny's extememely expensive treatment, please visit this "Go Fund Me" site: