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Happy 10th Birthday in Heaven, Gibson! Thanks for Stopping By...

FiveSibes "Gibson" Les Paul of Mystic Mountain January 6, 2006 ~ December 16, 2015  Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet FurAngel Gibson on his first birthday in Heaven. If you were to ask me a month ago, I'd tell you this certainly was not how I was planning on spending today. But then again, we never do plan for these days, do we? While we know the day is inevitable, we secretly hope it never comes, that maybe it will be forgotten by fate... I spent most of today reminiscing...looking at photos and videos of Gibson with me and his pack family. I had hoped today would be similar to birthdays of the past - a day of celebrating with Gibson and the FiveSibes, complete with new toys, a singing toy "cake," Husky games, and a special bone-shaped ice cream cake proudly sporting those double digits 1-0, seven of them beating Canine Epilepsy and the seizure "monster."  Let's eat cake! January 6, 2012 I can see so clearly all those birthdays pas