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You're Invited! We Want To Know What You're Dog's Thinking!

Wolf with an invite "thought bubble!" You're Invited! Show us your "Things Our Dog Are Thinking" photos and join in the fun! Many of you have seen the recent hottest trend in pet photos that crossing TV screens and the Internet and is called "shaming"... it's where there are photos of pets with white signs and text - or text written over the photo - that explains what the pet in the photo could be doing or could have done or is thinking. We decided here we'd like to create a slideshow video showing our pets in all of their glory by hosting a "Things Our Dog Are Thinking" as opposed to "Shaming" (because we really don't like that title). We are never ashamed of our dogs for doing what comes naturally to them (including chewing up our window sills, sunglasses, shoes, and deck rails), but they do do some silly, funny, and creative antics that we can all relate to as pet parents, and I thought it would be fun to creat