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Brotherly Love on a Flashback Friday

 FiveSibes ™ Flashback: Brothers Gibson & Wolf ~ June 2015 “Brothers are what best friends  can never be.” ~Unknown So, before we get into our fabulous Flashback Friday photos, some of you may have wondered where in the heck have we been, again? Periodically, as you may have noticed by now, I have to take a break from writing, blogging, and most things as my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis flares up and along with that comes chronic pain and fatigue, to the point where picking up the laptop is a huge endeavor. While I am busy writing in my head, to actually get to it is tough. I know fellow autoimmuners understand...the best way I can describe it as trying to swim upstream in mud with weights on your whole body. Every day can be a new day something hurts, and the next day it's something else. So when the Fibro "fog" clears, I jump in to get things done I've been working on, which I have a few coming! Now, if only my bo

Rainy Days and Muddy Huskies

It has been a very rainy month here (again)! While Siberian Huskies genetically do not like rain, they sure do love digging in the muddy puddles! Our flashback today is from this earlier year, and here's a little fun video of an imaginary conversation between my FiveSibes and me after they had a fun romp, dip, and dig in muddy water-filled craters in our yard! I hope you get a giggle or two from it! “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.”  ~Vivian Greene Do your dogs love to plain in the rain or mud?   You're Invited to Join Us!   Share your fave pics from Memory Lane from yesteryear or yesterday, grab our badge, link to us, and join in our weekly Flashback Friday Blog Hop! Hop link is open all week !  Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Page Visit Our FiveSibes Website

Celebrating Our Mother of Huskies on a Mother's Day Flashback Friday Bog Hop!

"Momma" Harley, our alpha queen who was three when we welcomed the puppies to our family, took to the Pupsters as if they were her own! A true mother of Huskies! Top photo, current photo, and bottom is a Flashback to Spring 2008, when the pups came home, and we became the FiveSibes! Affiliate Notice: As an Amazon Affiliate, you can make a purch ase through our following link at no extra cost to you (but we will receive a teeny compensation):     Looking for a cool Mother's Day  for your Hu-mom? Get this (p)awesome Mother of Huskies T-shirt pictured above with Harley!       You're Invited to Join Us!   Share your fave pics from Memory Lane from yesteryear or yesterday, grab our badge, link to us, and join in our weekly Flashback Friday Blog Hop! Hop link is open all week !  Back to our FiveSibes Home Page Visit our FiveSibes Website

#FlashbackFriday: When Dogs Have Seizures

Flashback Photo ~ Harley ~ March 10, 2018  Today's FiveSibes Flashback Friday photo is of our beautiful 14-year-old amazing alpha pack queen, Harley, pictured above from last year on her 13th birthday! Now don't tell Harley she is a senior, as she still has spunk like she's a pup! This post also covers an important topic, one very close to my heart: Seizures.  As many of you know, my now furangel Gibson, was diagnosed with idiopathic Canine Epilepsy and he became not only the face of Canine Epilepsy, but also my inspiration behind the #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Awareness & Educational Campaign.  developed age-onset seizures when she was 12 . W hile seizures are the same, the causes differ, and seizures in a senior dog are typically not Canine Epilepsy. Last May, I was thrilled to be asked by Hindy Pearson to write a guest blog post on her Caring for a Senior Dog website about this topic. Please check it out HERE . This past February, I was a

#WaitingWednesday: A #FiveSibes Adopt A Rescued #SiberianHusky Feature Coming Soon!

Our FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday Badge! Stay Tuned... for a special weekly feature of a randomly selected rescue and their adoptable Siberian Huskies, their cousins Alaskan Malamutes, and all snow dogs and snow dog mixes waiting at a rescue for their forever family! We hope you will check back with us and share all our #WaitingWednesday posts to help these beauties find their forever loving homes...and who just may find your heart dog here! What's #WordlessWednesday All About? By now, you know my love of Siberian Huskies, and when I started this amazing journey with my FiveSibes, I did not realize the wonderful people I would meet along the way and all the amazing animals...especially getting to know amazing, selfless rescue folks and seeing the overwhelming number of animals in shelters and rescues waiting for their forever homes. With our focus here on Siberian Huskies, I was shocked to see so many being abandoned, abused, and dumped. A heartbre