Friday, May 10, 2019

Celebrating Our Mother of Huskies on a Mother's Day Flashback Friday Bog Hop!

"Momma" Harley, our alpha queen who was three when we welcomed the puppies to our family, took to the Pupsters as if they were her own! A true mother of Huskies! Top photo, current photo, and bottom is a Flashback to Spring 2008, when the pups came home, and we became the FiveSibes!

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  1. The puppies are so cute and I love that expression on Harley's face. She looks like she's saying "don't even think of messing with my pups!

  2. Aw, beautiful momma and pups, and they grew up adorable too!

  3. OMG they were so cute like little stuffed toys, just adorable and Harley just looked so proud.
    Happy Mothers Day from Layla and Me

  4. Very sweet flashback. Thanks for hosting. Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love seeing photos of the parents of dogs and cats. I know everyone doesn't have that privilege, but it's wonderful when we do.

  6. Aww the tee is so cute. You know I love a cute design. I hope you and the furkids had a great Mother's Day.

  7. That is a great shirt, I hope that you all had a happy Mother's Day.