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A Tale of a Houdini Husky: A Thief by Any Other Name is Still Bandit

A Tale of the Great Houdini Husky: So, I always say how our girl Bandit is aptly named as she is our resident th ief ... here is a perfect example! At first we were n ot sure how she did it either! Most of you now know Gibson has to be kept quiet and be on rest because of a bad cruciate, so I let him out for a time in our enclosed area on the deck and typically have one of the other Sibes keep him company. Here he is with his love Harley. Note he has a bed in the bottom photo, yet in the top he does not. Where did his bed go? How co uld it just disappear ? Bandit!!! So, wondering how she did it...we watched. Cleverly and in a stealth-like fashion...she lays down and reaches her pa w through under the deck rail and st ead ily scratches and paws until she catches a small piece then keeps pulling until she has a good grip and then drags the bed under the rail! A very clever "th ief" indeed!