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Dear Gibson: A Letter From Hu-Mom, With Love

Dear Gibson,  A year ago today, you physically left me and your # FiveSibes family to become a furangel. God must have needed a very special Husky because he called you north of the Rainbow Bridge, my sweet Gibson. I love you and miss you every single are forever in my heart and with your spirit walking by my side, we will continue inspiring others to love an # Epidog , and to help all dogs in need. Enjoy the forever snow, my sweet Gibbie.  ~Love you for always,  Hu-Mom     This is a very special Flashback Friday as it is also the first anniversary of  my dear, sweet, fluffy boy Gibson’s journey to north of The Rainbow Bridge. It’s so surreal to me that a whole year has passed and my boy is no longer physically here by my side. Gibson was my heart dog. My fluffy buddy boy. My spirit guide. My Epi-dog champion. My inspiration. He has truly left a huge polar bear pawprint of his on my heart for eternity. I wanted to do a memorial video