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Newsy Tuesday is a Tasty Tuesday: Freezy Pups® Perfect for an Anytime Treat

Bandit is ready! We've been having a bit of a heatwave here in the Northeast, with a week of low- to mid-60s! Pretty unseasonably warm for almost December. While many folks are enjoying the extra long warm spell,  my Huskies are back to wondering what the heck happened to the cooler weather and that wonderful October snow we had! So naturally in the warmer temps, they kick back and laze around on the deck and try to keep cool, especially since their winter coats were starting to come in! Taste testing. So what's a Siberian Husky to do to keep cool? Run fans. Check . Dig a deep hole in the dirt. Check . Snack on cool Freezy Pups®. Check. Now if you haven't had the chance to try these out, I have to tell you, please do! The FiveSibes™ love them! They can't get one fast enough! What are Freezy Pups ® you ask? Well, they are frozen treats for dogs that you whip up yourself simply by adding water to the packaged all-organic powder mix and pouring them into a tray