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Hu-Nanny Hospital Update: Meeting Mia the Therapy Dog

As many of you know, my Mom, the ‪#‎ FiveSibes‬ Hu-Nanny, has been hospitalized. I want to personally thank everyone for all the lovely and caring prayers, comments, notes, Emails, and Tweets. They mean so much to us. Yesterday was a rough day for Hu-Nanny, but a highlight was when she met "Mia," this very pretty Therapy Dog! Mia, a Standard Poodle, connected with my Mom and even gave her hand a kiss! She encouraged Mom to sit up for a few minutes, even when she did not feel well. Mom talked and reminisced about all three of her past Poodle babies - Misty, Princie, and Joy. So important since she is experiencing some confusion. It was a wonderful visit from Mia - and to see the positive effects of a Therapy Dog firsthand was just heartwarming. ‪‎