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Memories of Mom and Her Love of Animals on a Flashback Friday

Mom with her two beloved rescue dogs, her heart dog "Brandy" and his sweetheart "Lady" Last m onth , July 9th, was my beloved Mom's first birthday in Heaven. She would have turned 95. As I spent the day reminiscing of times we spent together, and we had some many wonderful ones, I realized I was on Memory Lane, and what a wonderful Flashback Friday these memories would make. So for today, I'd like to take you all on a stroll back to my role model, inspiration, and hero, my beautiful, amazing mother! When I was young, I spent summer weekends on the shore with my Mom, her mother (my Nanny), my aunt and cousins where we spent hours on the beach, wading in the Atlantic Ocean, and strolling the boardwalk, going on rides and playing games of chance, all under the wonderful caw-caw of the seagulls. So many special times. To this day, the sounds of a roaring ocean and cawing of the gulls is home to me. In later years, one of our favorite things to do w