Friday, August 5, 2016

Memories of Mom and Her Love of Animals on a Flashback Friday

Mom with her two beloved rescue dogs, her heart dog "Brandy" and his sweetheart "Lady"

Last month, July 9th, was my beloved Mom's first birthday in Heaven. She would have turned 95. As I spent the day reminiscing of times we spent together, and we had some many wonderful ones, I realized I was on Memory Lane, and what a wonderful Flashback Friday these memories would make. So for today, I'd like to take you all on a stroll back to my role model, inspiration, and hero, my beautiful, amazing mother!

When I was young, I spent summer weekends on the shore with my Mom, her mother (my Nanny), my aunt and cousins where we spent hours on the beach, wading in the Atlantic Ocean, and strolling the boardwalk, going on rides and playing games of chance, all under the wonderful caw-caw of the seagulls. So many special times. To this day, the sounds of a roaring ocean and cawing of the gulls is home to me. In later years, one of our favorite things to do was grab some lunch and iced coffees and head down to our beach in hopes of finding the seagulls there. Mom loved to share her fried with them! We also brought lots of bread. I think those seagulls knew when she was there as they would flock to our car and Mom would open her door and they would come right up to her! I can still hear her wonderful laugh as they all came around her!

 When the gulls landed on my Jeep, my Mom was able to get a close-up meet-and-greet and how she loved it! It was as if they swooped in just to say "hello" to Mom!

I was an equestrian in my youth, riding, showing, training, and teaching. While my Mom had a bad fall years ago while riding at an academy in New York City, she still pushed past her fears to always accompany me to my horseshows and even hold onto my horses for me while I prepared for the ring! 

I love this photo I took of her at one of my shows after I put my hat on her! She was always so proud of me, my biggest cheerleader! And I was so proud of her!

Mom also had a great love of Poodles, and had three in her lifetime: Misty, a teacup; Princie, a miniature, and Joy, a toy, pictured here.

When the FiveSibes came into our lives, Mom loved to spend time with each of them, having chit-chats, getting Sibe kisses, and give lots of pets!

My Mom was my very first best friend, and when my daughter was born, she was the best Nanny ever to her, and soon we were not only family, but three best inseparable best girl friends who shared many stories and secrets, lots of girl talk, car rides, and coffee breaks together! The "Three Musketeers" my Mom always called us!

I know my love of animals came from both of my parents, and watching my Mom with her animals over the years, and we've had many, you can see that special connection, the human-canine and human-feline bond, that runs so deep. 

Losing my Mom was devastating, and losing my beloved heart dog, Gibson, a month later was crushing. I like to think since she was with me the day I welcomed him home as a four-month old wooly ball of fluff, that they are now together, with Gib embraced in my mother's warmth and love and my dear mother enjoying those sweet Gibbie kisses.

I'm blessed to not only have had her for my mother and best friend, but to have such a loving, inspirational role model for both me and my daughter.

"Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories." ~Genie, Return of Jafar

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  1. That was a beautiful post for your most wonderful Mom. Love and hugs from all of us.

  2. Your mom was clearly an exceptional lady. You were blessed. Hugs.

    1. Thank you so very much! I truly was blessed and so appreciate your thoughts! :-)