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Puppy Bowl Sunday! Go Team Suri the Sibe!

Bandit and Wolf were excited to see Suri on the TV! We had a fun day here just relaxing and watching the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X ...but what made it extra special was that a very special little furfriend - a Siberian Husky puppy named "Suri" (check out her Little Miss Suri Facebook page and be sure to tell her the FiveSibes sent you over!)  Notice: This blog post contains an affiliate link, which simply means if you click on it and make a qualifying purchase (*at no extra cost to you*), we will get a small commission. NEW in 2024! You can read all about Suri today, who is now 10 and celebrating her 10th Anniversary since being a Puppy Bowl star and read about the publication of her book on our latest blog post HERE.   Little Miss Suri's professional Puppy Bowl X portrait! Suri traveled all the way from Iowa to New York City to audition and not only was she selected, she was in the starting lineup! It was all very exciting! She was also featured on