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Auld Lang Syne My Dear Huskies

  #FiveSibes Flashback ~ New Year's 2015 ~ Gibson     "For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we'll take a cup of kindness yet,   for auld lang syne." ~Robert Burns (English version)    Auld Lang Syne is so appropriate for this post. Translated to "Long Long Ago," this week's Flashback is dating back to what will be the 8th New Year since my this photo was taken to when me and my FiveSibes were welcoming in the New Year of 2015, with my beloved boy Gibson patiently posing for me in his New Year headpiece, and then getting all five to pose for a family pack photo! Holidays were always so much fun with my FiveSibes.    PS: yellow dot on right side of couch of is one of the dogs' tennis ball! BOL! Prior to the photo, it was major play time in my living room!     Wishing all of our FiveSibes readers  a Happy, Healthy & Kind 2023. 💛 Memories are visits for the heart 💛       Blog & Photos       Come join us each week and share you