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About the Weather...

 It's spring, but apparently Mother Nature doesn't care. Since she did not give our snow dogs any snow this, she didn't...she must have decided to toss us a the middle of a heat wave! And, oh boy. Somebody is in the! Just look at Harley's face in this selfie; the Queen is not happy! Apparently, my bad for not letting her hang out on the deck in snowy 50 mph winds with a wind chill of 20°F (after being a sunny 72°F yesterday). Oh, it's such a Husky thing.  Meanwhile, Security CAT Patrol Officer is on the job... "Binx" is checking out the snow and wondering how he could be basking on the sunny, warm front stoop yesterday, and today, he has to dare get his paws wet with snow! Don't worry, Binx, we are wondering the same thing!  Mother Nature is feeling a bit confused today! (Thanks to our home securtiy ADT for letting me have a little catastic fun with our sign!) "Sometimes Mother Nature de