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Update on Gibson: Lovin' Life!

Update on Gibson: Today was Gibson's in-home K-LaserUSA therapy treatment and he had lots of kisses for one of his fave vet techs. After a little rest, we took a brief walk and relaxed together on the front lawn. He can only walk a very short distance, but this is such a huge achievement, it just swells my heart!  Back story for folks who may not know: Gibson lives with weak hind end issues as a side effect of his epilepsy meds, and Christmas Eve he slipped on ice during a snow storm and went down, became lame, and has CCL tears. He was on meds, in a leg brace, a lift harness, supplements, and continuous in-home laser treatments. After a month-and-a-half, the leg brace came off (okay, he chewed it off), and we have continued with the lift-harness and laser herapy sessions. To view previous posts on Gibson's journey, visit HERE , and a little later on HERE . Just a few weeks ago we hit a big milestone as he was ready to start on brief solo walks sans harness!