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Peep-A-Boo, Leaves, on a Flashback Friday!

  Flashback ~ Bandit ~ Autumn 2017   Our Bandit is the silly dog of our pack! Always one to dig out fun, whether it is a pile of leaves or a pile of snow! She is always down for a good laugh! This Flashback photo was taken several years ago when I was calling the dogs in, and I could not find her! Suddenly, I heard the crunch crinkle of leaves and saw her down in our yard tunneling through the leaves from our maple tree! Our silly girl, Bandit! AUTUMN WOODS by James S. Tippett I like the woods In autumn When dry leaves hide the ground, When the trees are bare And the wind sweeps by With a lonesome rushing sound. I can rustle the leaves In autumn And I can make a bed In the thick dry leaves That have fallen From the bare trees Overhead.     You're Invited!   Come join us each week and share your Memory Lane pics from yesteryear or yesterday. Simply grab our badge, be sure to link to us, join the linky list below so others can come and visit your blog, and join in