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Seven Ways to Say "I L-O-V-E You" to Your Dog!

  Wolfie with his hu-cousin, Eric!   W elcome to the month of love! Ah, yes, love. Poets and authors write about it. Singers croon about it. Artists create visions of it. Mid-February saw Valentine's Day, Epilepsy Day (we love our Epi-dogs!), and now it's time to celebrate that love with international Love Your Pet Day on February 20! (Of course EVERY DAY is Love Your Pet Day, but it's always nice to have a day to celebrate with pet hugs and treats)! While we can certainly count the many ways our beloved dogs love us and we love them, here’s a few ways of showering our canine best friends with some of that wonderful l-o-v-e! Love Is Simple Nothing says, “I love you,” more than hugs, kisses, and some belly rubs! Dogs are pretty easy to please. They don’t need anything fancy to let them know how much they are loved, just your time and attention (although treats and toys are willingly accepted). Fetch Me Some Love! You work all day and can’t wait to get home. Is the