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#LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip & Cooling,Calming Collar Review

Gib looking spiffy in his "Too Cool" Calming Collar Today’s Epi-Tip is all about keeping an Epi-dog cool. One way is by using a cooler collar. I use them not just in the summer when our north eastern temps soar, but I also will put one on Gibson any time I think he appears agitated or warm as a preventive measure. Post-seizure, it’s also very important to bring an Epi-dog’s temperature down. In addition to placing cool packs (or frozen peas and a frozen loaf of Italian bread like I used when Gibson had his first seizure six years ago), including on the small of the back right under the neck, a cooler collar helps tremendously to bring a dog's temp down, or keep him cool to begin with.  Today, I’d like to tell you about a really cool cooler collar, and a collar to help reduce stress ~ all filled with natural herbs ~ made by Calming Collars that I had the pleasure of test driving. Gibson is pictured above relaxing with the custom purple ( I s elected f or