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When the Hu-Parents are Away, Who Watches the Sibes???

"Mom's Back!!!" This past weekend we went to a music festival out of town. This was a special treat as my whole family went; something we don’t usually do as we have the FiveSibes to care for with one needing specifically timed medications, and quite frankly, we miss them when we are not home, so we elect not to go away. But this past weekend we enjoyed a nice ride, some awesome music, and had an overall great family day, all knowing our Sibe “kids” were home being well taken care of by a dear friend. Lots of Husky kisses! I am very fortunate that I have two friends who are pretty terrific and really enjoy spending time with my Sibes. They take turns for who gets to Sibe sit for our annual day jaunt, and my Huskies enjoy them both! I am quite lucky to call these two gals friends, as I would not board my Sibes out (they would not like it, plus, with being runners, I don’t want to chance it). These two friends actually come stay at my house for the entire day and pl