Monday, August 30, 2010

When the Hu-Parents are Away, Who Watches the Sibes???

"Mom's Back!!!"
This past weekend we went to a music festival out of town. This was a special treat as my whole family went; something we don’t usually do as we have the FiveSibes to care for with one needing specifically timed medications, and quite frankly, we miss them when we are not home, so we elect not to go away. But this past weekend we enjoyed a nice ride, some awesome music, and had an overall great family day, all knowing our Sibe “kids” were home being well taken care of by a dear friend.

Lots of Husky kisses!
I am very fortunate that I have two friends who are pretty terrific and really enjoy spending time with my Sibes. They take turns for who gets to Sibe sit for our annual day jaunt, and my Huskies enjoy them both! I am quite lucky to call these two gals friends, as I would not board my Sibes out (they would not like it, plus, with being runners, I don’t want to chance it). These two friends actually come stay at my house for the entire day and play with the Sibes, whether it’s an energetic game of Fetch, being hugged, or getting photographed, the Sibes all have a great time! And a big bonus this weekend was they had my friend’s husband and daughter to play with too! Oh, how the Sibes loved that! And as for me and my daughter, the Hu-Moms, we had the great peace of mind to know that our Sibes were in good, caring hands in their own safe home environment.
Husky hugs!

Upon our return, it was obvious that although they looked quite content and tuckered out (a great thing for a Sibe!), we were obviously missed. Lots of kisses were dispensed and a few were quite vocal about our being gone. Just our alpha female, Harley, was a little miffed and gave us the cold shoulder, but at 3AM she decided she needed to forgive us for leaving her for a whole nine hours and she wanted to snuggle with my daughter, her Hu-Mom. They did so until about 4 AM when Harley was content and finally settled down to sleep, which meant we could finally go to sleep! The next day we all did a whole lot of bonding with the furbabies to make up for being away for the day! It was Huskies kisses galore as they laid on our laps, across our legs, and on our backs; life was back to normal.

Husky love!
This weekend led me to think about what folks do with their canine companions when they need to go away for any length of time.  Boarding? In-home pet sitters?  A neighbor?  A friend?  A relative? What type of arrangements for pet care do you do when you need to be away and still feel confident your dogs are being well-cared for? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. From @WebGalPat: This is why I don't have dogs anymore! I am not home enough for them. So I have my cats. If anyone is looking for a wonderful dog person (trainer, boarder) in the area, I know of one. Just let Dorothy know and I'll giver her the phone number. I call her the 'Lady Dog Whisperer" as I have seen what she has done with some dogs that really were quite a bit ... wild ... since their Hu-Mans had let them run the household with no discipline at all. She's kind of an amazing woman!

  2. You are very fortunate to have friends that you can place that trust in. We always stay at the kennel where our vets are. It isn't the most luxurious kennel but Mom and Dad feel we are well cared for and safe. They would much prefer to have us at home but they won't do that without full trust in someone to care for us.

    Glad you were able to have some fun too. And isn't it just wonderful to see how happy they are to see you when you come back.

    Whoa, what happened to Tucker's dinner? Tucker, c'mon over to our place, we will give you some supper.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I haven't gone away for more than one night since I have had the dogs, and then my sister cam and stayed with them. I don't think I would put them in a kennel. The one would be ok, but the other I think would have a melt down.

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip:)

  4. There is nothing like the welcome home we get and they give!

    Or is it they get and we give?

    I'm lucky in that I can leave Khyra with the ex - so she has other Sibes to play with - I know I could never board her - she would miss people too much

    Glad you had a nice time!

  5. When we only had 2 dogs I was able to board, but ONLY if I had to. We usually took them everywhere we went. Now with 6, we don't go any where. We have no family or close friends, and I don't think any of them could handle being in a kennel. So our excitement is just being with them. End of story. LOL

  6. woo are very lucky that your friends understand sibes...unfortunately, although we have several friends with pups none of them really understand the siber it's the kennel at Dr. Branche's-not the shangra-la but we are safe & well attended to...all the kennels have outside runs (siber proof!) & the techs all love us, cheers!

  7. It is actually the real reason that we bought the RV - so that we could take vacations WITH the Sibes. Even if we need to go out for a while while on vacation, they are safe and comfortable in crates with the RV air conditioning keeping Sibe friendly temperatures.

  8. My guys go to the Doggie Daycare for boarding, I am confident in their nighttime supervision and I know that the boys love going there for daycare. The most they have spent is three nights and I will not take a longer trip unless I had someone to stay with them at my house.

    I have been thinking about an RV like the Herd so if I vacation they would come with me.

  9. I LOVE The Thundering Herd's RV idea! My Sibes would love it too. I think I'll put that on my Christmas wish (dream) list! ;-)