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#FiveSibes Emergency Prep "On the Fly" Bag & Hurricane Ian Pet Tips & Resources

#FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2015 ~ Wolfie   With the devastating hurricane that has hit Florida and is working its way up the coast, today's #FlashbackFriday photos are about being ready to evacuate WITH YOUR PETS, and some of our helpful tips as well as info and links from the ASPCA and an SPCA Cincinnati. The SPCA in Cincinnati folks are helping shelter dogs that are left homeless due to Hurrican Ian in Florida in an effort to help the Florida shelters make room for more displaced pets.   In an article from Fox News 19 , the SPCA in Cincinnati was quoted as saying, “Being a partner with (the Humane Society of the United States ) is something we’re proud of," explains Nyketa Gaffney with SPCA Cincinnati. “If we can assist and help with natural disasters that’s absolutely what we do. We’ve done it since Hurricane Katrina." The SPCA Cincinnati is also hosting a fundraiser to "help with Hurricane Ian relief rescue relief." To watch the news video with more info, ple