#FiveSibes Emergency Prep "On the Fly" Bag & Hurricane Ian Pet Tips & Resources

#FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2015 ~ Wolfie
With the devastating hurricane that has hit Florida and is working its way up the coast, today's #FlashbackFriday photos are about being ready to evacuate WITH YOUR PETS, and some of our helpful tips as well as info and links from the ASPCA and an SPCA Cincinnati.

The SPCA in Cincinnati folks are helping shelter dogs that are left homeless due to Hurrican Ian in Florida in an effort to help the Florida shelters make room for more displaced pets.

 In an article from Fox News 19, the SPCA in Cincinnati was quoted as saying, “Being a partner with (the Humane Society of the United States) is something we’re proud of," explains Nyketa Gaffney with SPCA Cincinnati. “If we can assist and help with natural disasters that’s absolutely what we do. We’ve done it since Hurricane Katrina."

The SPCA Cincinnati is also hosting a fundraiser to "help with Hurricane Ian relief rescue relief." To watch the news video with more info, please visit HERE.

And adoptions through October 2nd are just $5.

According to the ASPCA, they have had boots on the ground in Florida, "assisting with the evacuation of more than 100 homeless cats and kittens in the path of Hurricane Ian. The shelter animals are being relocated at the request of Lee County Domestic Animal Services in Fort Myers and Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Tampa as they work to evacuate animals from their shelters ahead of the storm making landfall. (They) are transporting these animals out of harm’s way to Boston-area shelters including Massachusetts SPCA, Second Chance Animal Services and the Animal Rescue League of Boston. All of the animals transported out of impacted communities in advance of the storm are unowned and will be made available for adoption in the coming weeks."

As the hurricane work moves, we here at #FiveSibes are keeping all pets and people in our thoughts and prayers.

Please, if you need to evacuate, 
"Leave No Pet Behind."
If you absolutely cannot take your pets, please do NOT leave them behind. Ask a trusted family member or friend on dry/safe land to look after them until you can return.

This is an important infographic from the ASPCA:

 Also, if you have not already done so, the ASPCA also urges families to get their FREE Pet Safety Pack. To order yours, go HERE. 

 Some FiveSibes Suggestions:

✓If you have become separated from your pet, please be sure to check all shelters, clinics, and look on social media for pop-up pages dedicated to lost and found pets of the hurricane for particular areas.

✓If you are evacuating, please remember to bring your "fly bag" or "go bag" - a first aid bag that is ready for on the fly, or ready at the go...it contains the usual First Aid items, plus the following:

  • Pet Medications
  • Pet Vitamins & Supplements
  • Supply of Food & Treats*
  • Supply of Water*
  • Dishes 
  • Updated Photos (or on your smart phone)
  • Pets' Medical Records
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Extra Collars & Leashes With Updated Tags
  • Paper Towels
  • Blankets*
  • Pets' Favorite Toys
  • Pet Seat Belts/Harnesses
  • Crates*

*These items naturally won't fit in a "go bag" but should be put in  your car at the ready.


#FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2015 ~ Pupsters Wolfie & Chloe

✓Another good idea is to have your pets' information & photo in an envelope in your glove box along with your car's insurance papers in the event that your pet somehow gets out of the car, say if your car was involved in an accident. This way, the authorities will get their info and know you had a pet on board when they go for your car's papers. You can also have a "DOG(S) or CAT(S) ON BOARD" sticker made that leaves a spot for the number of pets with you.

✓If you know you are evacuating, have flyers with your pets' photo, and contact info at the ready (should they become separated from you, you can start handing out flyers. ***Also have them in digital form so you can send them out to rescues, shelters, animal control offices, police departments, etc.)

Our message to all is: 
Stay together, and 
please be safe out there. 


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  1. I am so glad that we don't get Hurricanes where we live in the UK, we do get Autumn and Winter storms which are pretty bad and cause damage but not to the extent that we need to evacuate our home. I hope everyone stays safe xoxo Little Miss Titch and Mum Rachel

  2. Great Public Service Announcement. Being prepared is so important.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. We thought we'd need our Go Bags and carriers here in Western SC but thankful the storm moved East again. Great info!

  4. Such an important article! Everyone should be prepared for anything at anytime for all family members, including the furry ones. That means a go bag for everyone!

    I've been thinking of all the people, pets, and animals left in the aftermath of Ian. Hopefully, everyone has learned from the past. I was pleased to hear evacuation shelters tell people to bring their pets. This is a new move and I'm very pleased to see it. However, I think a lot of people still sheltered in place with their pets. So, there's been progress, but more work to do before the next hurricane hits. Not sure why people didn't evacuate this time. Truly tragic!

    I'm so glad you wrote this article and people are stepping up to help in a big way like the SPCA. I hope more will help than even are expected.

    I'm sharing your article with all my animal loving friends.

  5. Fantastic post with so much important information as we all need to be prepared 24/7 for an emergency, I am over prepared here LOL but would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to Layla. My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Florida

  6. The sights after Hurricane Ian reduced me to tears. I only saw one pet (a lady carrying cat carrier) so I had no idea about the health and welfare of the shelter pets. Your report on the movement of some shelters was encouraging. Will there be more information I can find?

    Finally. I LOVE the safety pack. I am going to create a post I can ddd on Twitter that leads to the link. I hope it can help people who do not know about it.

  7. This is so important! I know that we tend to stress the importance for those that live in high risk areas, but I would say that it's something everyone should do. You never know. One of the small towns near us that we went camping at every summer had to be evacuated last year due to gas buildup under the town causing an explosion downtown. You never know what could happen.


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