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Snow in October? Flashback Friday Travels Back to Snowtober 2011!

Wolf samples a taste of the cool, yummy white stuff. The Pupsters ~ Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit ~ were just three years old. Puppies still, actually (especially if you are Siberian Huskies). It was quite a surprise when the FiveSibe kids heard the ping-ping of snow hitting the brightly colored Autumn leaves here in the Hudson Valley. Was that rain? A tip of a head looks quizzically at the tree. Ping. Ping. Ping-Ping-Ping! And then it came...the soft quietly falling snowflakes that can enter our world so peacefully and beautifully. Seeing the snow sprinkled about the warm colors of fall was a site to behold! We only had four inches, but oh, it was a fun time at the FiveSibes homestead! What made me think of Snowtober 2011 for today's Flashback Friday? I was reading a post this morning over on a friend's Facebook page that stated today Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, NY received their first dusting of snow it's not too far away! Will we have another