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Author and Siberian Husky Trainier and Behaviorist Louise Basson Talks Winter Dogs and Positive Reinforcement Training & a Giveaway!

Chloe loved Louise's books! Living with Siberian Huskies is in a word...amazing. They make wonderful pets, are full of love, and have some pretty funny antics they share with us. They are exceptionally smart (sometimes too s mart as they can outwit their humans at times ), and are very social. They love belly rubs, snuggling, howling, and talking up a storm. Sometimes, they can also be a challenge, and first-time Husky parents need to be aware of those chall enges and prepare , accept , and se riously know how to keep their Husky safe because under all that furry beauty, they can be destructive, are stubborn, shed like you've never seen shedding before, and are amazing escape artists who can rival the talents of Houdini . When raising a Husky pup, or rehabilitating a rescued Husky, ther e ar e many training and behavior questions that pop into mind.  How do you train a Husky or any dog to give up being toy obsessive? Is it possible to teach a Siberian Husky recall?