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A Fond Flashback To A Friend-Filled Easter Parade, Easter Safety Tips & A Tribute to a Dear Furpal

Spring is finally in the air here! Although Mother Nature gave us an inch of snow the other morning, clearly reminding us that she's in charge, today, although overcast, is a comfy 64℉ and all the Sibes are relaxing out on the deck in anticipation of the Easter Bunny arriving this weekend! And in honor of that, on this FiveSibes Flashback Friday , this is a photo of our Easter Husky, Gibson, from several Easters back, and we thought what better flashback is there than to stroll down Memory Lane, revisiting furpals and furangels from around the world who were featured in our Easter Parade from 2012?! It's also a great time to review some innocent looking dangers: Easter plants and flowers, i.e. lilies are pretty, but they are toxic. Go faux! Easter basket grass (better yet, don't use it; use crumpled up tissue paper). Easter basket toys - watch out for those small parts and toy batteries! Chocolate (and be careful where those chocolate eggs were hidden so none a