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A K9 Reiki Healing Journey on #FlashbackFriday

This has been a time of great reflection for me. My family is going through a pretty big change, and with it comes downsizing and cleaning out items that have been put away years ago. Some of these items include my adult daughter's childhood artwork, puppy dog toys my FiveSibes have outgrown over the years and I just couldn't part with (but have now donated to some foster Husky friends in need and some to our local SPCA where I have adopted two of my past furry best friends). And then there are the photo albums full of memories...some of mine...some of my mother's...and with memories, come tears for missing all the loved ones who have departed, and smiles for all the love we did share.  "Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of gentle and non-invasive energy healing..."   ~Marta Banat Along with reflection, comes memories of my beloved heart dog, Gibson. As many of you know, he was diagnosed shortly after his third birthday with Canine Epilepsy, and together w