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It's Election Day! Vote Gibson: A Dog For All Seasons! And Our Epi-Tip #3

It's Election Day and our FiveSibes have once again hit the campaign trail wooing "Paws4Change~Vote Gibson!"  Gibson's #Paws4Change 201 5 campaign promises continue from 2014, and his priorities still include: *No homeless pets; a family for every pet *Promote pet adoption  *Rights for special needs and elderly pets *Stricter Animal Abuse Laws *Healthy, all-natural treats for all petkind *Mandatory dog parks in every town and city *Create mandatory microchipping laws *Expand human education on dog breeds *Mandatory education on Canine Epilepsy *Promote Dog as a Second Language classes  *Licensing of reputable breeders *Shut down backyard breeders & puppy mills *Ban Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) *Abolish dangerous dog lists *Eliminate "dog shaming" *   *   *  Note: S ometimes we needn't reinvent the wheel, so we're reposting some our fu n campaign pics