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A Happy Holidate ~ A Short Fiction Romance

  A Happy Holidate A Short Fiction Romance  Written & by  Dorothy Wills-Raftery         ❄️ S now flurries danced onto the windshield of Sarah’s SUV as she drove through town. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” she sang with the crooner on the radio, while from the back seat her white Siberian Husky howled along. Having just finished her shift at work, Sarah decided to grab a coffee and do a little holiday shopping at the local dog-friendly bookstore cafĂ©. Once parked, she opened the rear door and unbuckled her dog from its safety harness. She was about to clip on the leash when her foot slipped on the snowy curb and, with arms and leash flailing, she began to fall. Her husky seized that moment to bolt out of the vehicle. “Winter!” Sarah cried. She was mid-fall when a strong arm wrapped around her waist. Glancing up, Sarah’s breath caught in her throat at the mesmerizing sky-blue eyes gazing down at her. “Are you okay?” asked her handsome rescuer, concern filling